Sunday, May 6, 2007

BARACK OBAMA vs HILLARY CLINTON: Google Trends shows 'Barack Obama' leading 'Hillary Clinton'. SO WHAT?

HILLARY CLINTON VS BARACK OBABMA: Google Trends data shows 'Barack Obama' leading 'Hillary Clinton'.

SO WHAT? Here's why:

Google ratings mean nothing in predicting election results.

Why not? It only represents active internet users. (Skewing younger, demographically.)

However, during a Presidential election all the little ole ladies and older, non-internet savvy users come out to vote.

So as much as I love Google for all that it is, and am excited about their new "Google Trends" (BETA), this is a very unscientfic analysis, unless you are tending a certain pyschogrpahic.

And now, since it's Sunday...Here's a little political, first amendment humor, brought to you by Election Press' ZUMA DOGG, in Los Angeles, CA. I guess you are not allowed to wear a Gene Simmons mask to protect your identity during "public comment", even though it is "protected expression" under the Brown Act and First Amendment. (Political comedy with a point. If you don't walk up to the line, for a "first amendment check" every once in a while, you may find the line continues to get pushed further and further back by your elected officials. More to come. Don't be fooled by the "diversionary" issues that will be discussed this election season. Stand by and make a "Google Alert" for "election press".

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Anonymous said...

It's not scientific - just interesting. You obviously can't predict election results based on Google searches (believing otherwise would be asinine), but I'm glad to know that people are interested in Obama and searching for information regarding him.

Thanks for the comment.