Friday, May 4, 2007

Hillary Clinton Campaign Strategy: I think it's your "tonality" they don't like, more than your political views -- and that's a shame.


To; Candidate Hillary Clinton
Fr: Election Press
Re: Improving Favorability
Dt: 04/04/07

First of all, hello! Campaign strategy, as it will be covered here, means "Marketing Strategy." Below is a Gallup Poll showing all kinds of statistics regarding people's opinion of Hillary Clinton. Many people admire her for traits like strength, stamina, knowledge, Intelligence, determination, tenacity, perseverance, Forthright and outspoken/directness. (Only 45% favorable though, down from 58% in 12/06.)

And her "unfavorables" are up over perceived traits such as wavers too much on issues to her advantage; wishy-washy, too much of an opportunist and don't trust her.

HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU KIDDIES -- BUT THOSE ARE THE TRAITS OF EVERY POLITICAN!!! Now some of the unfavorables were over he liberal and overall political views, and you are going to take some negatives no matter what your political views are. So let's address the other unfavorable traits...

PEOPLE DON'T VOTE BY LOGIC AND REASON...THEY VOTE BY EMOTION AND FEELINGS. For example, the fact that in the open ended poll, only 1% mentioned Hillary's views on Iraq, as what they liked about her demostrates this marketing principal.

People don't want to sound shallow and un-educated in a poll, so they will come up with reasons like a "wishy-washy, opportunist they don't trust." But again, that's ALL politicians. So why do all the other politicans get a pass, while Hillary takes a hit?

She just rubs some people the wrong way...NOT because of her issues (most of the people who said they don't like her probably agree with her on the most polarizing issue, IRAQ. Yet she is still rubbing people the wrong way. Again, not the issues: Here's the first thing that needs to be addressed: TONALITY. It doesn't matter WHAT you say, if it is being said in an annoying tone. And here's Clinton's problem: When she is at a calm, lower register she is fine...BUT WHEN SHE STARTS TO RAISE HER VOICE, TO RALLY THE TROOPS AND GO FOR THE BIG CHEER...SHE GETS REAL SHRILL SOUNDING. It's a shame. It's not like it's her fault, per se. Perhaps she can work on a "rally to creshendo" voice that is still powerful and loud, but not annoying. Then they don't really know why the don't like you, they just don't...and make up intellegent sounding reasons.


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