Monday, May 7, 2007


Wanna be a politician? Here’s how you get elected into office: Promise both sides everything, then do nothing. By doing nothing you won’t piss off either side. Meanwhile, just tell both sides that you are working on it, but it’s the other guy’s fault; he just put it back to committee, or continued it for another 90 days until there can be a report on the benefit of an impact study. Then, when the report says, “An impact study is needed”, you just bought yourself another 90 days until the impact study is completed.

Although many politicians start off principled, and want to fight for change, and do all the best things for the community -- they quickly find out, once in office, it’s the financial backers who put them in office that run the show behind closed doors and at expensive dinners and functions.

Zuma Dogg calls it, “The Politicial Steamroll Machine”. You see, it’s not the elected officials who run the City (they are just four to eight year “blips” through town) -- it’s the financial backers with long-term connections and relationships in the City that have the influence and pull the strings and steer the votes.

And let me tell ya, you gotta make a lot of promises and payback a lot of favors, cause Mr./Ms. Billionaire financial backer may have all those relationships and connections throughout the City, State or Country -- but they don’t offer votes just cause the Billionaire-backer is such a great looking, really cool guy.

So let’s just say the newly elected official decides he/she is gonna clean up the corruption and start initiating motions that cut out someof the waste, or benefits something other than a financial special interest/payback?

Well, that political steamroll machine will backfire on you, pretty quickly. And it ain’t a very smooth ride downhill. It’s much easier to just go along for the luxurious ride. Cause at the end of the day, if it isn’t YOU rolling over and selling-out, someone else is just gonna be doing it anyway. And at least YOU’RE a really great guy/gal and will at least try and do one or two good things while you’re at it. Except, the Political Steamroll Machine won’t let you. They don’t leave a tip.

Remember, you can attend any City Council meeting and speak during “public comment” and tell em what you think. And it goes out on TV and the internet.

Here’s a little FIRST AMENDMENT CHECK I tried out this year. Pretty Funny. Check out all my “Zuma Dogg Fights City Hall” videos (political comedy) at, or and search “zuma dogg”.

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